Hi everyone im zxor 2 A.K.A Jorell winslow for those of you who know me on yahoo answers ...im not to sure where to post this but I thought id like to have your thoughts on something you might find interesting and iI need your help desparatrely in youre city for the info

ok here goes ...Part 1

I recently seen a draft of the comptia bylaw that explains the certification in detail..however im suere im right about this .It states in a brief detail that the certification you recieve cretifies you on what you know... now if a cert does this and is true shouldnt a cert also provide information to back you on the physical aspects ofd the job as well
in Arizona here im asked by the city to get a license to perform the running of the cat 5 lines ( crazy I know ) but its all true
If Comptia had added the words to also include ( and to perform the duties within the realm of this certification) then im sure i could skip having the license at all.....

Part 2 ( I would like all technicians to do a little research on this subject in your state and city, to see if the Comptia certification holds ture where you live and also does this effect your work in your city .....

thank you all ..your the best

Can you restate the question in two lines so other readers can easily understand?

of course !! no problem the question is this... check with your city govenments and see whats the requirement for performing pc work

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