Hey Guys,

I was just wondering what you though is the Greatest Affiliate Network in the world. Below are some of my favorites.

Best Networks:
1. www.GoOffers.net
2. www.PrimaryAds.com
3. www.Neverblueads.com

I think these networks have the best offer diversity, prompt and weekly payments, as well as high payouts.

What are some of your favorite, or worst networks?

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That's odd - I never heard of any of these networks and I attend workshops on affiliate marketing. You know, you better check the quality of those sites before you post them here, because when I clicked to them I got the huge "WARNING" about the site. These types of links can cause members of this community to not respect your postings, so becareful


I too never heard of above mentioned sites. I think CJ is the biggest and best affiliate network


Well, out the list, I don't like Neverblueads that much and I think CJ is the best one for me so far.


I think we are all have difference in this subject,for me CB,CPalead,and doubleclick what works best for me

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