Dear All,

Last week google adsense deactivated my account due to some invalid


Now i want to start up with such type of programs so as to generate

some revenue from my site through add.

Kindly suggest me some good programm as google adsense so that i can

apply it.

Plz.... Answer me as soon as possible and help me out to guide me to the correct path.

Also Plzzzzzzz tell me one such programme so that i can directly work on it just having full faith in you..

Thankx & Regards

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Why should we help you cheat other companies out of money? Just look at other topics in this forum and you'll see other ad services.

google Adsense is the best

commented: pointless reply to a NINE YEAR OLD thread, which doesn't even answer the original question... -3

You can use Global Ad Space who can provide good cpm rates. But they too don't accept fraud clicks.

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