I just recently lauched my new dating website for christian singles from ages 21 and up. I have a very very low budget for advertising. I have 2 myspace account, 2 twitter accounts, and 2 facebook account all with a nice amount of friends and a different set of friends on each one. For the last 2 weeks that my site has been up and lauched to the public I have posted the launch of my site on all 6 of these account and within that 2 weeks I have only gotten 3 sign ups. The other people on my dating site are my friends and family that are single and agreed to become members but other than them only 3 people joined. My question is other than the social networks does anyone know of any other free advertisment or ways that I can promote my website..... SNIP ..... over the web? It is a christian website. Right now I have a promo to where everyone who joins now can have full access to the site for 1 full year without paying anything if they join between July 31, 2010 and that promotion only brought me in 3 people. Can someone make some suggestions on what I can do?

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You may have to consider offline marketing as well. At my church's bulletin, I see ads for online dating sites all of the time. So you may consider advertising at local churches' bulletin as well.

...Can someone make some suggestions on what I can do?

You might want to get your site listed on some authoritative industry specific directories, work Christian forums, use your launch as a news story and list with a news feeder ... you might want to try your hand at ranking your webpages in the search engine results pages for specific keyphrase searches (you can do this in the natural results using SEO which doesn't cost anything but may require you learn some new skills and it may take some time) ... what else .. try to get your web site address out in other media (newspapers, flyers, posters, magazines, bulletin boards etc.) ... get innovative!

I think that in addition to what Fred has recommended your best bet would probably joining social groups in Yahoo, Google, Bing, and as many social networking sites as you can. However, only accept people who are of Christian faith and have any sort of interest in finding a partner. Often enough people will put on their Social Network profiles that they are there to make friends and maybe meet someone special.

You should try Adwords and probably learn how to do SEO yourself if you're low on budget.

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