I remember last year this time, businesses were clamoring over Twitter. I dont hear that much hype about Twitter nor do I see the twitter name on ads. So do you think newcomers influenced the success of Twitter?

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I think this is subject to interpretation and experience. There will be those who have had a great experience with Twitter and will swear by it. While others might not consider it as effective. I believe the initial HYPE has passed and most of the people who "discovered" its use for business have decided by now if it is effective for their particular business or not. I still get a decent amount of traffic from Twitter so I can not complain.

I don't think twitter is dying yet. Eventually the fad will fade though.

yea.. i think we are now starting to realize the actual benefits and uses of Twitter. The hype has indeed simmered down and words like "tweeting" is now widely recognized and accepted in main stream media.

I also think business are starting to look at twitter more objectively. They seem to view it more as a reputation management or branding play than an actual marketing tool. But now that twitter has launched its ad platform, I think its back to the drawing board on that. :)

I wonder how the Ad sponsored Twitter feeds will affect usability and most of all, perception of experience? I personally dont see it as hindering any effect but I sure can imagine others finding a bad thing with it.

I got bored of it within 3 months of using it , not sure about others.

I dont think so, Twitter will never die until it stops providing traffic. Day by day its getting more visitors.

No! Twitter is still popular and we are using it for our site traffic and expanding brand visibility.

No, I disagree with you, Twitter is no more dying man. Still I am getting good traffic via twitter. The things you have to follow is, You should have your niche related followers, as well as you have to always feed interesting tweets, instead of feeding links of your site, you can feed links of other sites too, that will make your followers to stand with you for long time. :)

I do think that Twitter may change to make it more business friendly. What do you think?

twitter is huge. It's widely used even on the news or tv shows etc etc. Twitter hasnt died in my eyes. I personally think it has grown even more.

Now that twitter is being monitized, I wonder if companies will flock more to site

Twitter is source for getting traffice

I don't think twitter will have more months to live, according to me twitter is dying slowly and the main reason behind this is spam.I am gradually watching twitter go from a useful tool that early tech adopters were using to something a bit more mainstream to eventually a wasteland filled with the same few spam pitches.

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I think Twitter today is a good source for traffic increasing (I know it from my own experience), and it will stay such for a long time. There are no doubts in its benefits! The only thing which make people complaining about it, that Twitter doesnt help in traffic increasing, ect. is that some of them use it in incorrect way and they have no patience and persistence for it. Twitter is still alive!!!



Yes, Twitter will not change any thing. Getting benefit from Twitter may take time because your Twitter page will not indexed or cached by search engines.

Still alive and kicking! People might get tired of it though.

No can't agree that twitter is dying! The microblogging has got quite famous and I think it's very useful for brand promotion! Your posting should be very unique and interesting. You need to retweet others posting you find interesting and try to post such things that user find interesting, not just a promotion.

I dont think twitter is dead yet,for me twitter grow bigger and bigger everyday,although it not yet as popular as facebook in my country I am sure one day they will be on top ot top 3 most popular web on earth

Twitter is pretty popular now. Where have you got that conculsion?

I am still using it fot my traffic generation. It is helpfull in business promotion.

People say twitter is a great marketing tool. For me - I still have to find out how to be successful.

I think Twitter is not bad. If you do not have good contents you will not get good traffic.

Edison Research has recently published research on Twitter that touches on Twitter awareness (84%) and Twitter adoption (17%). The first is remarkable considering that Twitter has done zero advertising. But they have yet to offer the majority of people who know about Twitter a good reason to make use of it.

Those who use it daily know how invaluable it is for news & networking but for those who don't know who to follow or how to connect with others, it just seems like a lot of noise.

commented: nice stats +1

As I see, everyone is going from their own opinion to other side - facts in press.
Personally, I think that twitter is mutating into the bad side... and will be forgotten in longer period.

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twitter is thriving and their is a strong need for succinct messaging like this, so I doubt it will die. I think it will morph quite a bit tho in the next 3 years, and probably die off as a standalone in 5 years max as it will be integrated nicely into newer social media apps.

no bro it still helpful to get visitors and good information so twitter never dye

no way, I ac't belive that Twitter is dying.
Every day it gets more and more registered users!
And I think the climax point is still ahead!

It's not dying. The magic of Twitter is such that it brings people together. It is still doing that. It's just that a year ago, people were new to it and it was newsworthy. So this company finding success of Twitter would be great news, interesting even. But now, it's all commonplace... and the heavyweights have all been there a year ago. So what if the corner mom and pop store decides to have a Twitter account?

Yes, I agree with you. Twitter does bring people together and it also helps brings value to both the consumer and the business. But it is not an overnight success. It takes time to nurture relationships with members of your community.

I don`t think it`s dying...
There were a lot of news about twitter some time ago because it was something new. Now it`s not new, you won`t find too many news, but the people did not left...they are still there

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