I've been asked recently to defend the use of my Compendium Premier Blogging Service, because so many other blogging tools are available for free on the internet. Well, let me say this in my defense. For anyone wanting a church blog, or wanting to use Christian blogging to get page Rankings in the search engines, I think my system is superior.

There are three things that is does really well for me, automatically:
1. It optimizes my blog urls
2. It optimizes my page construction
3. It optimizes my page content

My compended blog system creates keyword blogs from my posts that are optimal for my target keywords. Those three things tend to get me noticed in Google, Yahoo and Bing, and I get really good Page Rankings as a result. Plus, with my system, I leverage my blog posts into WordPress, Blogger, Xanga, LiveJournal, and Vox, so I get the benefit of using those free blog services too, but without having to worry about multiple accounts to upkeep. My central blogging happens here, and the power of the internet flows it elsewhere.

I agree that creating right keywords to drive targeted traffic to the site is very important in bringing targeted traffic. I do believe that you need to cater content with the intention of the search's needs and expectation.