Have anybody heard about New twitter? What does it has?

It's supposed to be better.....But it's killing my twitter programs that I use for tweets and follow unfollow activities. I hope it settles down SOON.

Hi I am Balu Form USA i have information about twitter

what is use for Twitter Profile create Page

How to get traffic through Twitter

How do u know get right traffic through Twitter

Please Give me More details about Twitter


Twitter has got a new look and appearance. Twitter says "we’re introducing a new, re-engineered Twitter.com that provides an easier, faster, and richer experience".

Related source: http://blog.twitter.com/

I think is much better so i think guys waiting for new twitter

Thanks Paulsonmax, I have looked your resources and it is very much useful for me.

Have anybody heard about New twitter? What does it has?

the new twitter is very cool. it is very simple yet elegant without compromising on user needs. i feel this is the best and the sad part is all the third party SW's will have to wither away after this is introduced.:)

Yeah. I am eagerly waiting to work with new twitter. But still I dint get new twitter on my region. Did anybody get it?

New cool features has been added such as more efficient search, shorten links, and good tagging. All in all Twitter has been enhanced for more user friendliness environment.

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