I am looking for a free opensource shopping cart software that has the capability to have a 1 page checkout process....

That would be going from cart -> 1 page of checkout -> order submitted

The checkout has address, CC info, shipping, etc all on one page.

I currently I use Opencart for a couple of my sites, however with a bunch of modifications I can only get it down to a 2 page checkout.

I looked at nopcommerce, which looks PERFECT! But I need this to run on a Linux server with PHP as I am not very good with ASP.NET

Any suggestions?

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I think Magento Commerce would be good for you, It's free open source and has many extensions are available to extend eCommerce possibilities

Choose magento is really excellent..

Magento commerce is easy to install with additional layouts and magento plugin. Unlike other open source shopping carts magento does not require e-store owners to have prior programming experience. It is undoubtedly simplistic and powerful
Magento offers an unparalleled option of availing more than fifty payment gateways for integration.

Online store owners will be able to manage manifold online stores from a single administrative panel and product catalogue. This feature proffers maximum flexibility as you will be able to manage many e stores saving you precious time and resources.

I agree with Magentoc. It's a good choice. Features include:- * Marketing Promotions and Tools * Analytics and Reporting * Search Engine Optimization * Site Management * Catalog Management * Catalog Browsing * Product Browsing * Mobile Commerce

Why not do a custom coded shopping cart.

I think you can make one on Wordpress, Magento - but it's brain racking, I'm not sure..maybe you will be able to use OScommerce and IzzoNet has a landing page creator feature you can use

have you tried wordpress with shopperpress theme? shopperpress offers 1page checkout page, which all the customer info are collected then forwarded/proceeds to gateway
here is a website using the combo maxsaverpc.com

I am somehow in the early stages of an e-commerce website of my own and I pretty much incline towards Open Cart, for it's easy to set up and doesn't require too many resources. Zen Cart it's something on my list too, currently testing.

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