The thing is you have to do quality work in forum posting so that your account wouldn't be banned and you would get maximum benefit from forum posting.

happygeek commented: Like posting "I agree" messages just to expose your signature links do you mean? FAIL -3


forum posting is the best way for link building...

commented: oh sweet jesus, another one... -3

forum posting is the best way for link building...

I know I shouldn't expect much actual interesting dialogue from a threat about forum posting. So many forums today are just filled with spam and bot posts, looking for a back link which Google has minimized substantially in their algorithms.

For the humans still in here, consider posting at this forum (and others like it) because you want to engage in conversation, exchange ideas and theories, and build a community of like-minded individuals who hate the spam posts!

commented: well said! +12

Its true that SEO is a good method to increase the rank of a site as well as to increase quality back links. Its also help in increasing international customers.

commented: yawn -3

Forums are not the best way to "build quality backlinks" because Google considers anything you do yourself, to promote your site as low quality and if you hire someone to do it for you it will be even less quality - even spammy.

The best quality links come from other people linking to your pages without your asking for them and the best way for that to happen is to give out free information that your visitors may be looking for like, tips, tutorials, etc.

thats true but forum promotion is very good idea

yes forum posting is direct method of traffic for your website

Most big forums have no follow on links ( Like this one ). SO the link building is not a link building.
However in forum posting / advertising there is something much more important: if you have quality post people will click your link ... meaning you have people on your site not crawlers. People can make sale ... carwaler can't.

forum posting its very good for business development.

I agree that forum posting is the best way to obtain promotion of site as well as to get speedy traffic.

Good posts!Im a beginner in the big world of SEO,so every information is very useful for me.

It is not a bad idea,but you are always be treated as spam.

Forum posting a good way to bring traffic to your site and build some good backlinks but you should also have to contribute something when posting in forums.

tips to promote through forums :-

  • Use Your Profile
  • Use Your Signature
  • Start and Respond to Topics
  • Be Engaging to Engage Others

It is also a good techniques. But don't try to spam on the forums otherwise you will be banned by the admins..try to post useful posts & replys there

I agree. But certain rules must be observed in promoting. Because others think that your posts are spam so you really have to participate weel to have better promotion.

Forum posting helps to get one way backlinks for your website

Keep yor post short and concise, don't ramble on about how something pertains to yourself unless it is necessary, and answer your own question

Hi, Forums are not use to get backlinks its for helps other ang get knowledge about your topic..


I also agreed with your comment but if you would be comment irrelavent topics and theme your posting will be spammed .

Forums posting can be explained as building a community forum on internet and it also help in promoting your website or business.

Just be sure your post has a good content in participating in forum postings. :)

Forum posting is one of the effective way to get backlinks. It also supply huge traffic to your site


Forum promoting is one in every of the most effective ways to push the web site of your web home business. All you would like to try to to is hunt for cash creating sites or sites relevant to your product/services with forums, become a member and begin contributing posts that will profit alternative members. Forums are a perfect thanks to advertise your website.One necessary purpose in reality in mind is to avoid spamming. don't act such as you are too eager to market your product because it can become too obvious. This may annoy alternative members and may even get yourself banned. you would like to realize trust from members of the forum by posting relevant, helpful data to their queries. Once that's done, they're going to have an interest to go to your web site for a lot of data. Forum promoting could be a low-cost thanks to promote your web site and increase traffic.


Article Overview: Article promoting is an efficient thanks to promote your computing device and generate loads of traffic. Follow these article promoting steps to boost your effectiveness on-line. study article writing and submission computer code to modify the article promoting method.Article promoting Is an efficient thanks to Promote Your computing deviceThe process of article writing is easy. Develop distinctive content for your specific audience and distribute that content in an exceedingly manner that improves your exposure and drives traffic back to your website. However, this method will take time and may be tough for a few. To succeed, you want to grasp what style of content to make and the way to distribute that content. the great news is that there square measure lots of tools on the market to assist modify this method for you. the primary factor article creation computer code will assist you with is knowing the importance of appealing to your target market. you are doing not wish to jot down a commentary that may attractiveness to anybody and everyone. specialize in a selected audience that you just wish to submit your articles to. this can create it abundant easier to convert guests into customers.


it is good way for disscusion for all user on internet and increase our page rank in search engine.

Forum posting is the best way to enhance your knowledge and to give website a quality link. Most of forum site banned your account if you are doing spamming on that. Forum posting give a quality backlink which is quickly index by google crawler and it is the best way to build online reputation for website!

Yes forum posting is one of a best option for link bulding.

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