Hi everyone,..

Recently i have made a forum (SNIPPED). In the attempt of increasing traffic and people to sign up, i joined a site called linkmarket.net. Since then i have received loads of link exchange requests everyday, and have some of them responded and proceed with the exchange. Because my site is a forum, i created a seperate section where i placed all of the exchange.

I am aware that some people associate links like this as spam, my question is the fact that i have them on, would those put people off from registering?

What do you think guys?

ps: are we allow to ask people here to review the site?

>ps: are we allow to ask people here to review the site?
Yes, you may post a review request in the Website Reviews section.

I would say don't worry about it. I have used linkmarket and you are right you get loads of link request daily. Make sure any site you link to, the content is related to your site. Filling your site with unrelated links will not only appear unprofessional but also Google doesn't like it.
If you are using a forum try and encourage good quality posting and replies, good content is much better than loads of links.