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We have been discussing Social Media Marketing and have seen a lot of articles on google regarding Social Media Marketing.

We say, Have a Facbook Fan page. Twitter Profile, etc. etc.

Add all the Social Media widgets like tweet, fbshare button to your website. Fine! every website gets that today.

If we go to the problem at micro level, How do we get the word out in the first place that ok, this domain with some cool content exists. There are a lot of blah blah products existing in the marketing with some very cool packaging. Well as a Software Developer I have always been amused by how well some products work by just some very good marketing.

Its basically Marketing we are talking about. Telling people that this product exists on Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. exists is the first thing we need to tell. At a more micro level how to get the word out to people that this product exists, is a more intriguing question. I think a lot of web developers out there would agree with me here.

Lets get some really great minds explain us from the very basic level. I know its not Rocket Science, but it ain't that easy as well.


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the social media is not meant to show a user that some specific website exist there. Rather it is for those users who found that specific website helpful for him. If someone found a website useful and want to share that with some of his friend, that is what social media meant for. This is the main reason behind putting the social media plugins on a website. This way you will get some more visitors to your website.


Fine I got your point.

Then why is Social Media Marketing considered as one of the nitro boost tool for new websites.

Are there any specific ways in which we can inform users about a new website?

Fine I got your point.

Then why is Social Media Marketing considered as one of the nitro boost tool for new websites.

Are there any specific ways in which we can inform users about a new website?

Social media is the place where the marketers can directly connect to people , do conversion with them , get reviews from the people and also from the other business professors. And after getting the reviews , marketers start to work out on negative points to make it positively and which can be helpful for the business.
And also the social media is the place for getting the ideas and tips , and one can share the unique content which he/she have and this way they try to attract the people.
So social media is not the place for directly to advertise your site or to advertise the product , but it is the product the know the people demand and to satisfy them.

Well social media is the place where your products can be promoted. Product can be anything it can be your website,any consumer products and even blogs. It is the powerful medium to exploit your product where you can get reviews and dislike points where people can work on that thing to be improved.
Well its a nitro booster.Twitter is the nitro booster among g+,fb,twitter

Any insights on how u can engage more people on twitter and facebook?

i think any individual can do this thing ... even you can do much better . Create a fan page in facebook and open an account in twitter with your company's name.Start posting in facebook well first thing you need to have people to look at your fan page It would be best to promote your website or fan page from your profile from where people would migrate. Well interesting post will fetch you more fans and it depends on you.
Another powerful medium on the Earth , I feel the greatest, is Twitter. Lots of people can be connected instantly to you. The exposure on twitter is massive that is for sure it can fetch a lot of traffic if used properly.
Another medium is google+ where you can fetch more traffic than facebook.

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