Can anyone tell me the difference both technologies.

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iPhone is a physical device running the iOS operating system while Android is an operating system that is run on multiple phones. The iPhone brand (its actually about 4 or 5 models of phone, I forget how many) is wholly owned by Apple while phones that run Android are made by a diverse group of companies like HTC, Samsung, and Motorola. The Android system runs applications run in Java.

Thanks to make me clear .

i phone actually represents iOS software(everyone knows). I phone is product of Apple and android is Google,s product.

Android is cheaper then i phone.

these are no techs deferences. wait for some time .. any one can tell you a tech difference here

Can anyone tell me the difference both technologies.

Difference is that android id built by google and iphone is built by apple. google is more popular than apple and the apps are different but android gives almost all apps for free.

iPhone and Android both technologies are best in mobile market. but iPhone is more famous from Android. Android give us more free applications.

Well, cleared? else can you please go to google search again more,.

android is reall good.....

Android all the way .!!!! :]

It's quite different in terms of developming Android based apps and iPhone based apps. The market for Andoid is large as it uses in many lower segment of mobile devices and even in smartphones and tablets.

for me, Android is cheeper than iphone

iPhone! There is no doubt that it offers an extensive interface and touchscreen that i am so impressed of it.

iPhone says "I've got money and beauty."
Android "I am practical."

well i like andriod its much user friendly than i phn n cheaper too it can b used in differnt smart phones..

There are a lot of opinions about Android and iPhone, but what are the important differences between.
See the below images.


I like Android 4.0

The iPhone runs the IOS, and Android runs the Android OS. IOS runs on apple devices while Android OS runs on Android phones and tablets. iPhone is made by Appl, while Android phones are made by many different companies like HTC Motorola, Samsung and Google. Both the IOS and Android run apps. Apps are not compatible with each other.

i don't know the difference but i would like to have IPHONE 5

Now Days Androiod wins coz its cheap and open source

I have iphone now and it's ok for me. Maybe in the future I will test android so I'll tell you difference :D

I have android operating system and i use it form 1 year. I am quite happy with that.Android has more free apps, more choices, more speed, more everything.

I phone and Android both are different concept you cant compare both only i can say there are two different platform to play with it.

I want to iphone so many futures in iphone........

Well now the age is for android only.

thank you guys

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Android has a much bigger share of the market than apple, so if your developing, may be worth looking at first. otoh ios is more standard across phones. Android updates aren't all applied by all vendors.

Both are mobile os, developed and launched by two giant comapanies. Both os having their own pros and cons. you need to read related article from google to know more about this.

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