I decided to close all gmail and similar accounts because of the privacy policy, and similar. Now looking for a service that will be replaced. I found runbox and lavabit, but what do you think about them, can you recommend any service that you use?

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May I ask what you don't like about Gmail when it comes to privacy? Is it the way that AdWords uses contextual advertising to crawl your email, or is it just the fact that your email is in the hands of a third party?

If it's the latter, the only thing you're going to be happy with is a dedicated server or semi-dedicated server where you are the only one with the root password.

I used to have a dedicated local server for my website hence I runned my email on it too. But for some time now I do use Gmail for business correspondence and so far so good, haven't identified any breaches in security (except for the content crawling and AdWords, but I tend to neglect it ;) ).

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