nowdays facebook is best one Social networking site.

facebook & twitter & pinterest ..

Facebook and linked in

I like Facebook as compare to twitter.

if this word comes in picture then it would definitely be the facebook as it is used by lot of users and it is the main key for driving more traffic as well as for building the business

facebook. there are more users in facebook. this will the best for social networking.

i think facebook is better for promotional activities than twitter

I think facebook is a good social networking site, because it has more users than twitter as well as highly secure than other social networking sites.

facebook has most users so its the best

Facebook is the best social network site..Keep postings daily, you can get good traffic to your website..

Facebook is better social networking site.....

Facebook is best social networking sites.

I like Face book more then Twitter.

facebook is my favorite SM site

Both are good.. But Facebook is quite better.
Twitter and Facebook are having similar male vs. female member ratios, and members on both platforms have similar levels of education.

twitter provides only 140 characters for tweet.image and videos are prsented as link so facebook is better social networking's user interface is very easy and simple.

Depends what your purpose is! They are both very powerful and effective marketing tools.

I like facebook Twitter is boring.

Its must be Facebook. I spend atleast 3 hours everyday on Facebook.

Now , the modern time Facebook and Twitter are more favarote every persons. I think Facebook is more suitabe for us. We can easily more picture and message at a glace and time.

Facebook Is Better Than Of Twitter About Social Networking Site

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Isn't it funny how all the replies have little to no valuable content plus links to shitty SEO and marketing companies in their signatures? Oh, no it isn't.

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