Hi, There are so many games in the online.
What are the advantages of online games and also disadvantages of online games.
Please share your views.

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Advantages of Online Games

There are a variety of benefits associated with online gaming.Individuals who participate in certain intellectually stimulating games such as memory games ,checkers ,chess and e.t.c have a minimized potential in attaining Alzheimer’s disease.Such online games prevent brain diseases by improving the individual’s attention span and critical thinking skills.

Online games are also generally reputable for satisfying leisure requirements as they are usually free,easily accessible and formulate amusement through the effective use of animation and other graphical features overall.

Disadvantages of Online Gaming

There are also several disadvantages associated with online gaming.Online gaming can become an extremely desired and significant component in one’s life.In such scenarios , the individual affected will often neglect his/her professional,educational and personal obligations overall.As a result , the individual undergoes a change in his/her overall attitude towards daily experiences.

Online gaming can also enstill aggressive characteristics in children and teenagers who frequently associate themselves with violent internet gaming.Youngsters can develop negative attitudes towards their general surroundings.As a result they may undergo difficulty in maintaining positive relationships overall.

There are so many website are offering games. Any one who participate in certain intellectually stimulating games such as memory games ,checkers, Chess and Many more.

Games are popular so it help promote any game portal easily.But for that need some good fresh game.Not copied game from other site.Even that help to gain revenue also.So always advantage for fresh conceptual interesting game.All Disadvantage for copied game from other game site.

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