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I am seeing a very differnt pattern in last two months. i am in to SEO for few years. and i always noticed that ranking fluctuates every day.
I will give you an example of "Buy gifts online"
On monday..There was website called giftcart
Then Rediff came on top
indiaplaza came on the top
Yesterday it was homeshope18.

Has anyone else noticed this thing? What is going trying to do..kill everybody...?

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Shuffling of Keyword Ranking

I might not sure why you look at it everyday. You should look at least 1 or 2 times a week. I mean you can't keep changing words base on a ranking. You only look on that word(s) that works for you not how the ranking place the word and decide not using it.

You can also delete the old history and cache of your PC or laptop, as it happens many times that if you open your website again n again in a day, and then try to search the rankings, you will find your website on top of the search engines.

Such incident happnd wid me few months back.. so its better to delete all the history and cache and then check the rankings, also you check the ranking 1-2 in a week..

Right, you check the ranking of keyword 1 or 2 times in week. whenever you check the ranking of keyword delete the all history from system. it give exact result.

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