In tha past,most of the business owners depend upon traditional marketing strategies like ads,newspaper ads etc for website promotion. But with the growth everything get changes with ehich buisness change their ways of marketing.

Presently it become diificult to stay ahead from you competitors.So it become necessary for you and you business follow some unique tactics to grab your target audience.

  1. Share relevant web content with prospects.

  2. Listen for discussions of your product or category and provide web links.

  3. Include CTA in content

  4. Participitate in forumns

  5. Get engage with community and answer the questions

  6. Use keywords on social media to provide a clear idea of the topic.

  7. Keep your web content relevant and send updates to your community

  8. Make account on video sharing and photo sharing sites.Share website products images with communit.

Hope it will going to help you !!!

If you get any difficulty let me know.

i have same issue and i really wish to get some advices or some tuto or a guide :(

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