The way Google+ users are increasing it seems like that Google+ will cross over facebook in coming years

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yes, soon G will beat fb

Ya Google+ can beat facebook.

kind of doubt it. nowadays you need a google account to be able to get access to stuff that didn't use to require it. that also explains part of the increase in numbers.

Google+ has it's pro's, no doubt about it, but it attracts a different type of user when compared to facebook. I doubt Zuckerberg 'll have to fear from Google+ in the comming years.

Both have different types of users. So i dont think it will happen.

its quite tough to answer this question because if you talk on the matter of beating it is really tough to say because both are dominating the internet world in a right way and both have there own specific feature which get implemented according to the requirement,they might be vary according to the needs or in there features

No this will not happen because both are different

It seems like google will compete facebook strongly

dotspiders can you kindly explain in detail about your ideas

One of the important thing is Google+ has great graphic experience for users

Google+ definitely has some neat abilities to subscribe to different topics and communities that you don't get on Facebook, but it still feels all pretty to me,just because it exists still hasn't given me reason to use it. And as many people will no doubt say, it's not that Facebook is better, but it has the advantage of being the ubiquitous phone book.

Google+ still lacking for active users
people not spending time on Google or Google+ they just visiting for some time and get back to Facebook

No in simple words i don't think this will happen ever.

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Google Plus can only beat Facebook by force , if google buys other social networking sites and integrate into Google Plus it might be possible.For example , Google might buy Linkedin !

Facebook is best social networking site in seo. Google plus is also but i think both site have his own value in SMO but in current time facebook is more better than google plus.

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