Dear all,

I was wondering how to restrict people from going to a certain download link unless they have paid via PayPal. So the person must successfully pay before the restriction to the download link is removed.:icon_cheesygrin:

I would appreciate any help :icon_mrgreen:

Thank you,


PayPal's API should be capable of this, but I'm not familiar enough with it. But it should definitely be possible through their merchant API.

I guess this depends on what system you are using for your online store and if they have support built in for this or if you can write your own coding etc. The way we have done this in the past is that there is a bit in the db for if payment has been completed or not, and you only display the download link if the bit is set. You set the bit when you get the notice from your payment gateway that the payment is completed. Make sure not to put the software in a regular web location or then anyone can share their link, use a script to download the software and during the download you also check the persons purchase information to make sure its valid before sending them the file. This way if the link is shared the person also needs to purchase information as well to download the file.

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