Whats is the best techniques for ranking a keyword

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In today's online environment, the importance of sicial networking is gong high. The seo is more tuned to being engaged and both ways communications. Make effective presence at social networking sites.

Content marketing helps to rank the keywords and also helps to bring in traffic.So i would suggest you to focus on content right now.

Best seo technique: Unique and useful content.
Better soe technique: Increase SEO signals
Good seo technique: Increase Backlinks.

The aim of search engine optimization (SEO) is always to enhance any website's visitors numbers, along with eventually conversions, simply by ranking extremely high inside the results of searches for the actual keywords and phrases inside the search query. It's the vision regarding SEO to produce the actual website's content material worth increased website positioning since they can be far more relevant along with proficient compared to competition's.
Means Content is the important thing in ranking keywords.
And other things are that we can do for keyword ranking are Blog commenting, forum submission, directory submission.

Also press releases,blog submission and web 2.0 sites will help in rankings.

Publishing unique conten on high PR sites, Forum commenting, blog commenting etc can increase the backlinks

Best seo technique: Unique and useful content.
Better seo technique: Increase the SEO signals and also increasing backlinks , press release and blog submission will help.

Best seo technique: Unique and useful content.
Better seo technique: Increase the SEO signals and also increasing backlinks , press release and blog submission will help.

Content is King, but distribution is Queen, and she usually wears the pants around the castle. If your king and queen don't have an army of soldiers that work hard for them, then they have no kingdom to rule over. Let me break it down for you: You need great content, but if you don't promote it right, you have wasted your time. One of the best ways to rank is social media, used intelligently. And one of the best to rank on Google is using Google+. I have found that when I post to Google+, I am indexed almost immediately. I was amazed the first time it happened. Leverage Google + with different kinds of posts (videos, graphics, infographics, micro-blog posts, etc.,) and carefully note what works best for you, lead everybody to your blog or site, but be totally social at the same time. You'll see results, I have. Wish you well!

The goal of foundational SEO isn't to cheat or "game" the search engines. The purpose of SEO is to Create a great, seamless user experience.Communicate to the search engines your intentions so they can recommend your website for relevant searches. Dual rating

To improve your keyword ranking, you first need to do on page optimization in a well manner that includes title, description, heading tags made by using target keywords, content should include keywords that are you are targeting for your website, do internal linking, add alt tags to images. Give proper heading tags using keywords. These things really help in improving keyword ranking of wny website.

unique content creation, content curation in social media, link building in authoritative sites are the best techniques now

On page optimization is the best way!

Different way to do SEO
1.forum post
2.write articles
3.write blog
4.classified add
5.submit links

Do all the On page and Off page activities regularly.

What a great information shared here. Thanks all.

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