I've been using google blogger for a few years now.
My traffic is slowly building and lately I teach myself SEO and promoting,
but I wonder if anyone knows:

1. How do I get BING related traffic?

2. Why when I use some Seo tools to see mistakes, they often show me
as keywords or as common words this gibberish
"widgetmanager, document, _widgetinfo(, new, _registerwidget(,..."
and lot more - and usually suggest to improve keywords in this style

Is there anything I could do about it?

3. Sometimes I see I get acknowledged description meta tags, sometimes not.
(<meta name="description" content=....)

Do you know why?
/I've already pushed the code in the top of <head> tag to bypass google's coding/

No promotions, but if you want to see the side for the possible help
travelmagic blogspot com

Thanks for any suggestions

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You concentrate on your blog content, Quality content will lead you to achieve all the things that you have mentioned here.

Quite agree, quality is the first thing!

SEO methods are universal for all search engines, so do everything you have done for Google and Yahoo for Bing. And yes, as it was mentioned before, make sure that your content is perfect.

i agree with you guys but more importantly you need to tell the serach engines what your blog is all about... change the title.. discription, kewywords that people over interenet are looking for...

That is why it is really important to optimize your SEO in a constant basis so it can fit more with your content - especially if you have a blog.

thanks for all the replies. You are right ... just keep on posting, submitting and hard working :)

Bing is now fine, finally recognizing my site.

Though I still don't see, how to optimise SEO for "blogspot" (google blogger) with different articles. Any ideas?

Keep update your blog two or three time in week

wait.. there has to be balance in your promotional activites...first Good Content on the page and good quality backlinks including keywords.. best of luck and yes ..it takes time.. so dont hurry for things to happen

You should pay attention to your content and no doubt keywords matter a lot.And agreed all search engines are a like so do everything that you have done for google

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