What techniques we need to follow these days to promote our website? I have websites related to entertainment.

Does directories still rule the seo???

What about Bookmarking?? should i do it for inner pages/posts or the main URL???

Anna Wright

Focus on content marketing.Only a handful of directories help in ranking and aprat from that social bookmarking is not effective nowdays.The homepage url would be enough if your tageting for the whole website without differing the keywords.

I think Nowadays Article Submission with Unique Content is more Effective.I am Suggesting You Do Blog Commenting and Forum Commeting Related to Your Website Topic.Target Long Tail Keywords So User and Google Both Will Understand Easily What You are Trying to Provide...

Well, that's a long list of questions you have been made for answering so I am going to answer your question the same order you have asked !

  1. What techniques we need to follow these days to promote our website? - In order to promote your website I would advise you to target yourself over the various social media network as they are quite good and great source of traffic.

  2. I have websites related to entertainment? - Like, I said above social media platform will be the great platform for you to make your presence.

  3. Does directories still rule the seo??? - I couldn't say exactly because this is a question which has been discussed over this forum from a quite while and I still haven't got onto any conclusion but if I talk about the Google SEO world then, they have clearly said its dead only yahoo and Dmoz directory submission is good to go forward with. So, do I think I would not adivse you to move ahead with directories other than yahoo and DMOZ directories.

  4. What about Bookmarking?? - should i do it for inner pages/posts or the main URL??? - Social bookmarking is another great idea and I guess bookmarking for in pages/post or the main URL only, depends upon you could move forward with the one you like!

The biggest and most effective technique would be to create quality content. Follow rules of Google and wait for some time to get organic traffic

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Directory Submission
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Business Reviews

@Shapna.patel.5 So you must be employing this tricks over your site, I am sure you must be going good but here I would say try to listen what @OP is asking rather than writing on your own !

Social Bookmarking
Exploring Multimedia

commented: Again the same thing ! I would say first of all look what OP is trying to ask here than rather than dropping your own thoughts on it. +0

Look for Engine Optimization and the technicalities of Search engines are one of the great secrets of our lives. Here at the SitePoint boards we get a large number of concerns every year on some part of the topic. Frustratingly, most of those concerns have already been requested and responded to. Please take plenty of a chance to study this line properly. If it doesn't response your query, search the SEO tag. If you're still trapped, you can make a topic, but be aware that you have to be Believe in Level 2 before you can …

Focus on the content of your website it should be quality and fresh. Forum posting, guest blogging, relevant blog commenting and press release submission are the best tricks which are still usefull for your website.

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