I had develop the website and according to requirement I have to integrate Payment Gateway-SADAD.

Can you provide me the document for this purpose so that I can integrate SADAD for "payment transaction" in my project made in ASP.Net language.

I had also referred this link but not getting what are they saying.

I am not familliar with Sadad, but if they are like any other payment gateway, they will have an API that you must process data in a specific way and send the data to them. You will have to contact them to find out if they have a pre-made interface for ASP.Net. If not, you will have to get example code from them in a language you do understand, and translate it into ASP.Net for your particular use.

tl;dr: ask Sadad.

Thank you for your reply.
I had tried integrate Payment Gateway on "Direct Pay" but SADAD is also new for me, I had asked SADAD to provide the sample code or an API but no reply from them.