In seo expert's community, there is a common misconception that article submission has lost its edge as it used to be. I am calling it a misconception because I still feel benefits in seo projects. I post the articles at regualar interval with new information. What is your experience?

I think that Google has gotten much better about determining when articles exist on the web just to plug a link to a site, and calling it either low quality content and/or low quality backlinks.

After the panda update,i had found it diffucult in approval of my article submissions.Instead,used Press Release submissions for my website.

It always depends upon the quality of the content and also the website in which the article is being posted. Goarticles which was one of the best article submission sites doesn't accept any kind of articles now and has mentioned that it would be closed the website in the upcoming days. These are the result of over spamming of contents. We should be precise in selecting the right website for the right article.

I'm one of those people who believes article submission is a dead activity UNLESS it's part of an exclusive guest posting campaign or some other similar, specialized opportunity. All of Google's latest changes seem to indicate that mass distribution of any type of material is non-productive.