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There are many but Dell is the best to buy.

HA HA HA HAHAHAHA HA HA HA! Sorry, that was too funny. First of all it's going to be very expensive, second of all it's going to overheat a lot, third of all it's going to suck.

Just upgrade your PC and buy a notebook or something. Your desktop will be multiple times better than any gaming labtop, and you have a labtop to use.

I would say make a custom gaming pc. Don't limit yourself to a laptop, even if its an I7 processor it will be a mobile processor which isn't the same as a pcs i7 processor. The overheating can be an issue and then you will need a targus chill mat or something not worth it. You will limit youself on the amount of ram you can add to the laptop down the road. Example I have a sony vaio i7 for about 4 years now. It works like a champ but the max it holds is 8gb, you can buy a motherboard that will allow you to go 32gb and higher. I recently bought a z87 plus motherboard that does just that. Another thing is you will never be able to change out your graphics card therefore it won't be future proof. If your lucky yuour laptop might come with a 2-3gb card in it. With a pc you can go higher I am planning on doing sli with two graphics card which are gtx 760 2gb each. If you want a proper gaming machine build it get a cooler master for your cpu make sure your pc case has plenty of space for upgrades and can hold alot of fans or get water cooling. You can build a pc for under 1000.00 if you wait for the deals check out kotaku moneysaver. Subscribe to and to get their daily savings and amazon as well. With patience and alot of planning you can easily have a sooped up pc that you just cant get with a laptop.

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