this is what I did with my website, after created many backlinks, I've noticed the rank was increased.

Link building is one of the important factor to rank our website. Link building doesnt mean to do spammy links which will effect your rankings in SERP. Good content with link building strategies gives you efficient results.

Yes you can. If your on-page SEO is good enough, it cuts down on the number of backlinks you need to rise in rank on the search engines.

It is impossible to rank your website in Google with linkbuilding. Apart from content, backlinks plays a vital role for Website Ranking process.

The quick solution to this is, sure you clearly can. Although inbound links are nevertheless essential, Google punishes web sites that use them in approaches which can be against their suggestions, and they are many other factors that Google makes use of to pick which webpages to rank nowadays.

Though this thread is 8 months old (last replied) still I think I should say my word about this. Maybe people will get benefit from it.

When we write great content, what we supposed to get? People will visit our site, read the content. Then they share it everywhere. To their websites, forums, blogs, Wikipedia, social media, everywhere. Right?

But as the internet is getting bigger & bigger. More than 4.4 million blog posts are getting published every single day. No matter how great content we write it lost in the black hole.

How did we suppose to get backlinks then?

We have to showcase ourselves by doing all types of link building strategies.

Build our site with excellent quality content
Do all types of SEO Optimization
Build a strong network with relevant sites (guest post, link sharing, commenting, forum post, online discussion board, social media, etc)

By doing all of these we showcase our website & it's great content in front of the audiences and then people start to like & share. And finally, Google ranks our site & we started to get divine organic traffic.

It is possible. Alternatively, these can be links (mentions) from social networks. I think now YouTube mentions are well taken into account by Google!

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