I have one website which i believe might be penalized, maybe because of backlinks or some other offpage related issue, i just can't tell definitely. but content is high quality so i was thinking to move it on another domain, but 301 redirecting will probably pass any penalty that current domain has. What would be best way to move current content so google won't consider it as duplicate?

Re: Best way to transfer content to other domain without 301? 80 80

You're pretty much stuck between a rock and a hard place. Google already sees all your content, and it associates a penalty with that content. You could move your content somewhere else, but, as you state, the penalty will most likely come right along with it.

Instead of moving your content, canonicals might work in this case. Create a new domain with all your content. Set up rel=canonical meta tags at the top of all of the pages of the new domain showing that each of those pages are the "official" URL for this content. Then, on all of the pages with a penalty, set up rel=canonical meta tags hinting that the page on the new domain is the official URL for the content.

I'm not sure if it will work, but it might be a way of convincing Google to look to the new domain for the content, and not bringing the penalty along with it, as you're essentially keeping both sites up, keeping the penalty on the old domain, and yet telling Google the new domain houses the "official" content and therefore you won't get a duplicate content penalty.

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