How to sale products with search engine optimization ?

This sounds like an odd question. To sell products you set up your site to do that. As to SEO, that's something you work just like a million other folk. There are some million discussions about SEO so you should see what is being discussed today and avoid another SEO discussion.

Back to selling. The basics have yet to change. Have the product folk want. Have excellent service and return policies like Amazon. Price is secondary to almost anything else including SEO. SEO does not make the sale.

This sounds like an odd question.

I think what he's getting at is that the basics of SEO are different depending upon what type of site you have. For example, what Google is looking for in an e-commerce site are very different from what they're looking for in a news site.

For an e-commerce site, I would begin by using Product schema. There's some more information about it here:

However, before I can really give you a thorough answer, I need to know what framework you're using (Magento, Shopify, etc.) and how technical you are.

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