My Organic leads from SEO have dropped down to zero for my website ,but the organic traffic isn't dropped. So Kindly give solutions to improve my organic leads from a drop.

Looked at the site and don't see any compelling reason to call this company.

It's time to update the company and website. For example, are you embracing AI/ML/Generative tools? I know in my circles we're seeing 10X productivity gains and less need to outsource.

Example 1: We need a regular expression and can't quite nail it. Used a generative AI and done.
Example 2: We needed a SQL query and again, couldn't quite nail it without resorting to longer coding methods. Again, used a generative AI and done.

Result? We're not hiring staff or outsourcing.

As Robert stated, the "era" for outsourcing is becoming obsolete at a very fast rate as AI is growing in popularity. See my post AI eliminated nearly 4,000 jobs in May.

This might be the main reason why you have a decline in your leads whilst the traffic is still the same.

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