anyone know where to get the code for a flash rollover for an image to display.

i have been looking around the web to find a site which has a good tutorial to show how to get the effect

when a user rolls over a link or image on a site another image pops up next to the link displaying an image

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Here are some search results. Already first one brought some memories of my multimedia exploits before I found out I'm better with programming job.

However I'm little perplexed by your following request

when a user rolls over a link or image on a site another image pops up next to the link displaying an image

. If you thinking of doing similar thing like Dani has on the forum, then you need to look into PHP tutorials


please check this script

i though the that the dani pop ups where with done using some ajax techniques as i now this is possible to do with this. I think i read that somewhere anyway.

this is just testing the ground stages for a new website i may still go down the php route yet just working out which will be easier to complete with the best look.

could you post a link for the php for doing this?

thanks for the flash actionScript going to test now.

Peter_budo thanks for that link that will work for what i need. i will have a play around with that and see what different results i can get. it will look good if it wil work with animated gifs for the roll-over. if it works i want the image that shows up to expand then go to the size i want it to after the expansion.

the only way i can think of explaining myself properly is like and elastic band once stretched it goes back to it original size which is what i want my images to do on the roll-over. if that dont work i will just use flash to get the effect i want. but that will have to work on a button click unless i can get it to work with the roll-over.

There are some really good tutorials about how to achieve great animated rollover effects in flash. The easiest way is to use the timeline in a movie clip symbol with shape tweens and easing: on a layer above your graphics, label the keyframes at the start of your animation with the names of each state (up, over, click, out, etc.) If you do all this inside of a movieclip symbol, you can dynamically place or drag it on to the stage wherever you wish, and using actionscript on the main timeline, call your 'over', 'click' and 'out' functions which contain gotoAndStop or gotoAndPlay. Object oriented programming in AS2 or AS3 is a bit more complex. Try googling flash rollover effects tutorials, and you'll probably get some pretty good hits.

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