This is killing me... It seems simple.
I have a button that I want to goto a movie clip. I have tried numerous ways of doing this. My first attempt was creating a new scene with the movie clip and everything. Although the actionscript on my first scene could not locate the frame on the second scene. It kept telling me it couldn't find it, although I kept checking and seeing that everything was correct. So now I realized hey, I'll just put a new frame and the tell it to gotoandplay that next frame... Although the whole animation starts over when that occurs. here is my code:

import flash.events.MouseEvent;
Marketing_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, markMove);
function markMove(event:MouseEvent):void {
		trace("button clicked");

182, is the next frame... I've tried having next frame, it does the same thing, i've also tried it w/out the quotes, it does the same thing. The same thing being restarting the animation...

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Ok... I fixed it... now I have a problem of going back from where I went

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