The difference between domain registrar and commerical web hosting.
Please discuss the diffrence between registrar and commercial web hosting. I need to understand the diffenece between these two... thanks.

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A domain registrar is a company that lets you register a URL (such as so that the rest of the Internet knows where to find your website. A hosting company actually hosts the pages of your website. In practice, many companies perform both functions, and some of the large domain registrars provide very good hosting services as well.

You can register a domain name at any accredited registrar anywhere in the world. Cost can be from $10 to $100. Choose carefully.
Also, beware. Some registrars set up their registration so that is almost imposible to transfer your registration to another registrar if you want to - even if you have your password and registry key. This last is crucial.

You can host our domain anywhere, again, in the world.
Some charge nothing for a personal page. Others from $10 to $40/month.

In my experience the less you pay, the lesser you get in service.

Some free/low cost sites have thousands of domains on their servers - so compromising download speed of your pages.

If your site is important chose a mid-range price you can afford and make sure you have access to tech support if anything goes wrong.

Apart from that check the size of your data - unless your site is very big you won't need to much space on the server (in MBs).

More importantly, estimate your traffic - different packages can offer MBs or Gbs of data transferred each month. With some packages you can be penalised by downloading more that your limit, costing you more. Or you could be paying more for the bandwidth you are using.

Do a search. Check cost, storage on the server, bandwidth allocation, tech support.

Good luck. Have tried this myself before.


Geoff A Hinde

A domain name registrar allows you to register a domain name.

A web host allows you to host a website, and 'link it' to that domain. Meaning that, when someone visits your domain, your website files (hosted via your website host) will show up.

I'm a little confused though - your website in your sig offers web hosting. Surely you therefore know the difference between a web host and a domain name registrar? :)

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