i have no idea where to post this so i have no idea where to look if it has already been asked....

my question is this...

my team just finished a robot software package in c++ and i did the math

i only say that to say im not entirely new to programming i am somewhat proficient...

now i am turning my attention to video games...

i don't know much about the world... i am starting with some online games to build a reputation and a experience base... what languages are online games made in i am kinda good at html and have a familiarity with css... i just started php... and have the software to make flash or blender game engine games.... but thats my question... just curious

Most of the online games are made using Adobe Flash. Adobe Director is another tool that is widely used to create games. They both have their own powerful scripting languages. I think you are developer so will rather stick to coding part. Designing part is itself a huge task in game development, and for that programs like Photoshop, 3ds max, blender are used. To provide backend to your game, ie connecting to server and doin tasks you will use PHP or any other server side script.

Thanks for sharing.

Most websites with free games that I have seen were made in flash.

i found blender and it is good
and im toldi can just throw that into unity and it will work as a web game

Most online games these days are built using Flash.

Adobe Flash programming is called 'Actionscript' which is different from C++ or Pascal, as its timeline based.

You can check some flash games sample here which are templates and very easy to modify if you are an Adobe Flash programmer.

Flash used to be timeline based, but you don't need to use it at all. If you use AS3 you can do things without the timeline.

In fact if you download the Flex3 SDK you don't even need to shell out for the Flash IDE either. You can create .as classes for your flash apps/games using any text editor and then compile your swf's using the SDK's command line tools.

Alternatively, if you really wanted to use an IDE, but didn't want to shell out for Flash, there's Flashdevelop (a free open-source .NET based IDE for Windows), which acts as a frontend for the Flex SDK.

I've been developing in flash like this for the last 3 years. Flashdevelop is an excellent bit of software which I use on all of my Windows PC's.

For flash development on *nix, I usually use gEdit (with an Actionscript syntax highlight plugin I found on the web) and the Flex SDK.

I haven't found any alternative flash/flex IDE's on *nix or mac, so I'm afraid it's text files and command-line all the way there!

But hopefully that situation will change...I've heard that there are attempts to port FlashDevelop over to *nix and mac. I've also heard talk of an AS3/Flex plugin in development for Monodevelop. I've also recently started on my own Flex SDK frontend for *nix, but it's still very rough around the edges and nowhere near ready for release yet!

It's just a simple compiler that hooks into the SDK tools ATM, allowing the user to specify an actionscript file/class to compile to swf. I plan to eventually extend it to include a full text editor with syntax highlighting and code completion, but that's a way off yet!

Anyways, hope this is of some help.
Cheers for now,