Working on this website here.. I would appreciate if someone gave me some design advice or layout advice.. really anything that might improve the layout and design as a whole would be nice thank you. NOTE: This website is not in complete. For pages that don't show up in the URL change the uppercase letters to lowercase and the pages should appear

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I checked your site and after a quick scan I'm at a loss to tell what your site is about other than you offer some kind of service, i.e., you're not utilizing enough keywords - none in fact.

I also see the following:

* including index.html in any links to the home page can cause canonical problems (just use "/")

* Using Capitals in file names can do the same but you need to redirect those with htacess if you change them.

* You should move the CSS style tag to a CSS file -- adds code bloat.

* Some of your links are in Javascript and Images (search engines cannot index either_) You don't need to use either when you are using plain text for anchor text (apply mouseovers with CSS instead).

All of the above will cause you big ranking problems unless fixed.

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I think the functionality of the site is designed OK.

Don't know about w3c standards and all that but you should check if your site validates.

Although you could probably have just used a hacked version of WordPress to create a quick and easy alternative.

The logo design etc probably needs work. This is where an astute graphic designer can add professionalism to your site.

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