I am working with this piece of code and it is not firing when I put it in the page I need which is static HTML. It does work if you create a plain HTML page, but it is not working on the page I need.

<form name="CTTPDD" action="https://example.com" method="post" target="_blank"><input type="hidden" value="##.##" name="campaign" /><input name="repeat" type="hidden" value="1"><input type="image" src="image.gif" value="submit" name="submit" /></form>  

What could it be?

Please can you help.

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Which part isnt working. I tried your code and when you click on the image, the form action executes.


It doesn't execute when i put it in to the page i need.

I cant send that page as its on my dev box.

Can you provide the revelant code from that page? Maybe there is something else on the page that is the problem.

afraid i cant :-(

I know where this leaves me.

Ok, sorry about that then. Not sure what else to advise you of.

Maybe I can help...
Are you trying to create a form submit button, correct?
If so, follow this tutorial

(i could be off topic)

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