My assignment is done! I have had a really hard time with coding and was wondering if someone could look at my final assignment and help. It's due today (which means it's late) but if there is anyone who can look at it and help see where I messed up I would really appreciate it. Thank

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Why? Is this allowed by your institution? You haven't posted anything, so I assume it's not urgent, even though it's late.

You don't state what the problem with the code is either - or which language you're using. Help us to help you.

we try to help you but you haven't posted anything

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I think it's safe to say that this thread is dead - he wanted help 4 weeks ago. :(

Yeah, most institutions won't accept anything that are even 2 days late. I had a professor (as an eigth grader in middle school, i took college courses) who would offer full credit for turning in assignments earlier than the due date and if it was turned in on the due date, you recieve half credit or none depending on whether or not your code was good or not. Thankfully I dropped that course, though the professor quit/retired the same semester...

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