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I have an application which runs in IE11. There is one link in the application which has pdf as attachment. when i click on it , IE11 shows a pop-up menu which only has two buttons "save" and "cancel". There is no option available to open the file online.

I am not sure which code i need to post for this becuase it happens for all apps and all links.

CLients are saying this is business critical and they should have an option to open the file online.

**It happens only in ie11. **

Please help me in finding a way to enable "open" option while clicking an attachment from link in ie11.

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Have you had a look at the addons IE has, it could be that it does not have one for the PDF 'reader' and setting this to be the appropirate app with work

commented: I get used to chrome and opera having all kinds of default installed items, starting to hate IE passionately +13

Does the browser have Enhance Protected Mode on? You may check the Adobe site for more info.

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