Hey Guys,
I need your valuable suggestions, please help me out with this.
I am going to use this theme called “Invado” for my next project, please share your views what do you think about it?
You can also share some alternatives, any input will be appreciated.
Here is the demo link of the theme: http://www.nulledlistings.com/?p=7802

mattster commented: Nulled software is illegal. VERY nasty habit, so please don't share it here. -1

I suggest you buy the theme instead of using a nulled theme. Support the developer.

You can buy the theme here: Click Here

well throught some of the sites that we have made we have used a wide range of different themes ones i have found really good are the spacious theme and evolve, these are really good themes that can be editted a lot and really easily,

A paid Theme that we have used on one of our sites is wiksi, this theme is good for a wide range of information to be inputed on the screen, maybe as a news sort of website.
I will attach some images of the home page that has been created to show you what it looked like.

We have been able to create a few sites with the use of this method along with some other sites,

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