I'm a travel agent running my business in an On-premise booking engine model with a basic website. I would like to upgrade my booking engine to a saas model. Give me a suggestion?

Marion_1 commented: Before upgrading your booking engine to a SaaS, you need to understand why you want to upgrade it. There are many ready-made solutions on the market t +0

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Since no one answered I wonder if you meant you wanted to change to some cloud based system.

first question to be answered is WHY you want to do the investment.
second question is WHAT type of solution would be appropriate for your business.
third question becomes WHO you're going to contract to implement the solution (or provide it if you're going with an off the shelf solution).

A SAAS provider will generally have people who specialise in doing just what you're trying to achieve, and will be happy to quote you a price for doing the work for you (or at least assisting you in it if you have your own developers on staff).
I used to work for several (in different industries) in the past and that was a pretty big part of my work.

Data conversions, implementing communications protocols with other systems, customising user interfaces with customers' colours, logos, and fonts, things like that are all things a SAAS provider can help you with if they know what they're doing.

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