My name is Shannon. And i was referred to you guys (this site) by a friend. I need help. I have recently purchased a Great Quality XZ 5361 Laptop offline and it didnt come with these following drivers: Multimedia Audio Controller, Network Controller, PCI Simple COmmunications COntroller, & the Video Controller (VGA COmpatible)
I was wanting 2 know how much its going to cost to purchase them or if i can just download them from the internet. Whats the best thing i should do PLEASE HELP!!!

It cost $25 to get the recovery disk from Frye's which is where I bought mine. Here is a place to start support. You could also try Craigslist. Heck, mine finally died, I could probably part with the recovery disk (if that sort of thing is okay on these boards).

K thanx... so i just tell them need a recovery disk for my computer? or should i take it in with me?

Call them and ask what their policy is - the local Fry's was really paranoid about piracy (I am unsure why) they would not even send the disk to me - I had to go and talk to them then go in and pick up the disk. way bother!

I think you can download those drivers, just google it.

yes you can either buy it from market or do some searching and download it here