Dell has the strenght and durability. For me it is easier to fix dell notebooks without warranty because Dell has a lot of parts the same as acer: keyboards, batteries, screens so it is easier and cheaper to find parts.Toshiba works fine and looks great, but has problem with video chips if it is onboard. Due to overheating, connection between video chip and mainboard melts, so there is no picture on the screen. This can be fixed by experienced electrician with heating of chip and mainboard with special devices, but is expensive and still it did not work more than few months. So, for me, toshiba is ok, but without chip onboard. Or, keep Toshiba clean and safe on desk.

So, for me, toshiba is ok, but without chip onboard

what model has the off board chip.???

our Toshiba D350 [I think ]is 3 yrs old and never broke down, still running the original install of Vista ,and its been used to burn 100,s of movie dvd's
I like Toshiba [ours anyway ]

Thank you for sharing this post.I have learned some thing useful.Sometimes I like Cheap Online Shopping.Maybe we can become good friends.

I would suggest you to go for DELL Laptop. DELL offers best configuration laptops at affordable price and has a lot of service centers countrywide.

please go for dell, they seem to be the best on the market!!

Dell is the best don't go for Toshiba.

Dell is better both in price as well as quality.Have been using it for last 4 years now without any problem

i'll grade DEll at frst.

I have Dell Laptop and it is best and budgeted so i recommend you the Dell Laptop rather than Toshiba.

dell is always better one.because good service providing by dell.

i ll go for dell...

I have had three Windows based laptops, HP, Dell, and Toshiba. I will never buy another HP anything. Horrible customer service, that you cannot understand. And I have heard that from many other. Which is too bad because they have desirable items at attractive pricing. But in my opinion, not worth it.
I prefer my Dell, I still use it, even over the newer Toshiba.
Next one I buy will be a Dell.
Reasons, I just like the way it works. I like the track pad better, placement of keys, the feel of it, and there is less crapware on it. It just feels 'cleaner' somehow. Hard to clarify it.
Just a side note, I also bought my first Mac laptop. Love it. But I like having both. So right now I have 3 laptops in play.

dell is best when compared to toshiba

Toshiba is best

Toshiba way better than anything I've EVER EVER used. Don't go with the seller please NO DELL

Dell is better when it comes to accuracy and performance :)

The correct answer is Lenovo :)

Dell is alright for desktop computers, they have good bargains and you can hand pick it all.

However, Toshiba is far superior on laptops. They build really solid machines, and their consumer service is great. At least, that's been my experience, a grain of salt.

Even now in 2014 Dell still tops the Toshiba for me.

Yeah, me too, i'll go with the Dell than Toshiba. I heard some bad things about Toshiba laptops. Dell or HP laptops usually last much longer than any other laptops.

Dell will offer you good laptop & service.

i prefer you go for toshiba, its more simple and can save bettery compared to dell if dell is more expensive compared to is good for the work you will be doing.

i think both are the best lapi

toshiba is pocket friendly.Laptops works good.Battery life ok.Both dell and toshiba work equally good.But dell ,i tell you is just to show off and toshiba can perform equally well.So for you if work matter more than the laptop you use, go for toshiba.

Thanks for the information all users because I was thinking for which laptop to buy for personal and also for my classes and I will now get a dell laptop and which laptop is better a 64 bit or a 32 bit and why

they still make 32 bit laptops? I seriously, seriously, doubt that.
64 bit has been the standard in hardware for close to a decade, in software for 6-7 years.

I have another question that can a laptop ram can be changed?

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