Hi guys, I need to buy a new battery for my Samsung galaxy GT-I9000, because the one I currently have doesn't hold charge for that long. I wonder, do you think it is safe to get one off ebay/amazon, or is it better to get a samsung's?

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Check with a site like buy.com (now rakuten.com). I got batteries for my Android phone from them some time ago (2 extras) that are OEM units (same manufacturer, just not branded for the phone) with the same power ratings, at a fraction of the manufacturer's price. Absolutely zero problems: www.rakuten.com - I have been purchasing most of my computer and electronics cruft from them for almost 10 years now, and they have always been responsive in dealing with DOA's and other problems.

Ebay and Amazon is completely safe, I buy the OEM batteries and the aftermarket batteries everyday, and Ihhave sold hundreds, I use them myself as does my wife and whole family, no need to spend $70.00 for a battery when you can get the same thing for 10.00 please don't waist your money,

Just a reminder, if you buy aftermarket and your device has NFC, the NFC will not work, because the OEM batteries have a NFC chip in them, just FYI....

Thanks. @rubberman, I had a look at the site you mentioned but do they deliver also abroad? I am based in Europe and the site seems to be dealing only with US.

@billy.jones.545: how do I know if my device has NFC?

I think ebay is better.

just wanted to add that I eventually bought the OEM battery. It was sold to me as new, so I was wondering how long should I leave it in charge for? The old usual 15-16 hrs? ALso, since I am on the subject, I have noticed something with the old battery...i notice it is swollen, not like a balloon, but I can see that the shape has slightly changed. The thing is the battery came with the phone when it was bought about 2 years ago, so it can't be due to a dodgy battery bought somewhere. What should I do, can I keep use it or is it a very bad sign?

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