Everytime I open a new page in Windows 8 I get an advertisment pop up screen. How can I delete this virus?

No idea why you put this in Tablets and Mobile devices? It's probably why you haven't got a response.

Is this on your phone? Or a tablet? Or a computer...?

What page? You mean a browser tab? What browser?

This is likely a Windows 8 laptop or tablet, hence the location of the post. Since it is Win8, it is 99% likely to be the version if IE it runs. My guess is that it is NOT a virus (unless you, as do I, consider Windows 8 a virus itself), but MS "monetizing" your browsing habits. So, install and use a 3rd party browser such as Firefox or Chrome, and then install an ad blocker such as AdBlockPlus.

AFAIK, there is also a popup blocker available for Internet Explorer, but how well it will work for you is to be determined. :-)

That's understandable and no we share a very different mind set :D Windows 8 is shite yes but if you dig right it, I mean really get into the cracks and crannies, Windows 8 is still better than Vista! :D

I will however always be a fan of Windows 7 (and a proud user of the now dead XP :D)

I didn't think it would be a virus at all - adware did however cross my mind. Either way check your current installed add-ons/extensions to make sure nothing has creeped onto the list, if there is something there that you didn't install - remove it. If there is nothing there use an AV or run malwarebytes; it's better to be safe than sorry!

I would recommend you choose either Firefix or Chrome for your browser anyway, if you use IE then you deserve to be shot just as much as the developers themselves.

Good day to you,