my mobile batery is BL-5F:
- 950mAh;
- 3,7V;
- 3,5Wh.

the BL-6F:
- 1200mAh;
- 3,7V;
- 4,4Wh.
the have the connection in same place. the 6F give me much more time with mobile.. and the Volts are the same. but i'm confused with Wh.
it's bad give more Wh to a mobile? it can damage the mobile?

Wh == Watt Hours
Watts == volts * amps
Ah == Amp Hours
Watt Hours == Amp Hours * volts

So, 1200mAh == 1.2Ah which  * 3.7V == 4.44Wh
    950mAh == .95Ah which * 3.7V == 3.51Wh

This is just about what the specs say. They are just rounding down to the nearest decimal place.

So, no. It will not damage your gear. The key is the volts provided. The Amp Hours / Watt Hours is the capacity of the battery. Since they provide the same voltage, the 1200mAh battery will, as seen, provide more capacity to run without charging.

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thanks for correct me that. now i know that i can change my BL-5F to BL-6F without a problem ;)
because i use a diferent theme(needs more batery) and i use 3G mobile network(needs more batery too), and the original batery don't works 24h of capacity :(
thanks for all.. thanks

commented: Remember, when it comes to capacity (Amp Hours), more is better! +12

Glad to help. Remember, the voltage is key. Amps is the current it can provide, so you want at least as much as the device can draw, otherwise, the power factor staying equal, it will drop the voltage and can damage the device. Basic electricity - high school physics stuff. Here is the wikipedia article on Ohm's Law:

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thanks for all my friend.... thanks

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