I am getting confused about the tablet that i am going to buy,please reply, WHICH IS BETTER SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 OR IPAD 5

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What are your requirements?

Well, I guess I am also going to need your requirements over here like what do you want to do with your device? Anyway for the sake of answering if I have to choose from iPad5 or Samsung Note then I would go forward with the Android i.e Galaxy Note.

You should consider chip sets, cameras, performance and desigh of both products. Choose the product has more benefits. You should read some comparsions. They are good to make a right decision.

The only reason I love my Note 10.1, is the S-pen/stylus and the Snote feature to make notes, together with it's split screen. I got it after I fell in love with the Note3's (too small screen for making nice notes) handwriting recognition capabilities.

For any other work/apps/fluid operations/etc, I sometimes envy my friend's iPad, but once I've pulled out my Samsung Note's S-Pen in a meeting, I'm glad I have my Note.

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