Many reports shows that Android is the most usable operating system all around the world. So, it's good to learn Android for the career. But I am not sure about the future scope of Android. Keeping in mind the future is it good to make the career in Android?

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Android has 80% + market share in the mobile operating system, more people are getting android devices especially in India and Africa with low smartphone penetration. So a career in android development is a good move. Remember u will be using Java which is one of the most sort after programming languages in the world. So android is the way to go espcially with Java

Also, at the root, Android is Linux. So, become a proficient Android programmer and you will learn both Java and Linux. You can also use other low-level languages with Android such as C, C++, and Python.

commented: Let's also add we get to learn XML and much more. However I do run into folk that bristle when I hit my laptop to google it. Learn to google it. +0
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