M200 Toshiba: Somehow my computer messed up when restoring the registry in xp to an earlier time. I got a missing files error. I restored them from a ghost backup I made a few weeks ago but the cd drive has an exclamation mark in the system device manager and didn't start. I restored the inf and driver files and was able to burn the ghost rescue disk but that was the end of the cdrom. I tried to redo but it no longer came back to life. Even when I boot using cd as first in the bios it won't work. The CD tries to start but gets an error message. Something like unable to connect. Is this a software or hardware problem?? What to do?? I tried to makea boot disk from the SD card with info copied from the Ghost rescue disk but I can only get a dos startup and can't get ghost exe files to work (window program won't work in dos error). Any help is VERY MUCH appreciated. There has to be a way to save this computer. Alan

Working with Microsoft support, this issue came about a lot. It is a real pain, but usuallly the missing files refers to errors within the software. The dvd/cd they gave you is indeed missing or has a corrupted file, so the download cannot proceed without it. Call up your manufacturer and usually they will send you out a new complementary Windows cd. If you bought the Windows product that you are trying to install seperately and it did NOT come with your computer or preconfigured then you will need to call Microsoft directly for this new free cd.