First of all i would like to say that i am new to this forum and to say hello to everyone.I think that i have a problem with the bios on my motherboard.My motherboard is A8S-X Asus.Everthing went fine with this machine until one day when i tried to turn it on, when the bios started it showed up this error: ''Bad bios checksum" searching for floppy or cd-rom,ok now i realised that i had a problem with the bios and i took my motherboard support cd and launched crash bios free to get the bios working.When the bios get back to normal i now wanted to start the windows and instead of starting the xp bootscreen it went blankscreen.So now my windows dont work and when i try to format my harddrive when i boot from cd the bios boot screen loads some files but it freezes on the (windows executive)
always.I have downloaded the latest update for the bios,updated and again the same problem,i simply cannot format my harddrive.If someone can give me an advice what to do i wll be thankfull.

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try making a windows 98 boot disc, you should be able to boot to it. if so, fdisk the drive,delete all partitions, then try and run the windows setup again. had a nice copy of win 98 boots available.

i have solved the problem.It was becouse one of my 1gb modules was making the problem.When i got it out from my motheboard the problem was solved

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