Ok so I'm putting together a new computer and read it's bad to screw the mobo straight into the bracket due to shorting.

The cases bracket has these little metal hills with flat tops where the screws go and I'm unsure whether it's good enough?

Do I need some brass standoffs or some of those plastic things?


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If this is a new case, does the manual or the manufacturer's website have any information on it? if it didn't originally come with standoffs, I would assume those little hills were meant for that purpose.

I would look through the manual if it came with one, and then hit up the website and see if you can find anything -- otherwise, try this

Mount the motherboard on these hills (don't power it up) and see if it matches up to your backplate on your PC, if it does, you're safe, if you were to add standoffs it would raise it up to where it probably wouldn't match up.

Hope this helps.

Also, you could probably rig up some thin, non conductive plastic washers or something for the mobo to sit on, probably.


I searched google images for a while before I put it together and it seems that they're fine, and the I/O ports match with the back panel so it's all good.


/posting from new build.


also motherboard should have washer type protection built in ,notice the silver or brass colored rings around the holes on the underside/upper side of the board


Yeah I was wondering what they were.

It's been working great for about a week now so all is fine it would seem!

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