The motherboard on my old machine died so I bought a new one, and it has an SATA drive. The OS on the new machine is Vista and I hate it. I'm trying to install my old IDE hard drive, but when I hook it up, the computer won't boot. I try going into the boot menu and setup menu, but the IDE is nowhere to be seen. It doesn't show up anywhere, but it keeps my pc from booting. Any ideas how I could fix this?

So my question is a little different from the others I think.

I have 2 ide hard drives and I want to replace one or both with a sata drive. Currently my os is running on a 30gb hitachi (ide) and I want to get a 500gb seagate sata to replace my 2nd drive which is a 60gb hitachi (ide).

My question is whats the best configuration?
Would it be bad to keep running my os on the 30gb and just connect the sata drive as a slave?
It just seems like it would be quicker. All I really want the 500gbs for is music and video file storage.

I want to install a WD 7200 eide hard drive as a slave (2nd hard drive) on a asus p4p800 motherboard. The master hard drive is a seagate sata hard drive. My problem is the WD instructions only show you how to install a 2nd hard drive as if the first is also a eide hard drive. I see on the motherboard there are 2 sata plug in's. There is also a eide plug in so I believe it can be done. Im not the best at this stuff but it something to do why the hurricane is going on. Any instruction would be great. If i dont answer Ive lost power. the storm is coming Thanks

even though the IDE is a secondary drive it's not a slave drive; go to control panel, admin tools, computer management, disk management, and from their format the drive and assign it a drive letter. then your computer will read it as a slaved drive.

OK well all the info I am reading kinda skirts around my issue. I have an HP Pavillion running XP from a sata 120gb seagate(I believe). There is one eide port with my cdrom and dvd re-writer plugged in. I came into a few new seagate 200GB ide hdd and decided to put in a controller card and having it as a backup for data. Here is the problem, I installed the controller card and necessary software without an issue, but the minute I hookup the HD, I get a boot error asking me to either choose or remove a drive. Drive 0 and drive 1 being the options. No matter what I choose the system will just hang until I unplug the ide hdd. As a matter of fact, with the ide drive plugged in, the first screen shows an "imminent hdd failure" error message. Once the ide is removed, all is good. Anyone know what the heck is going on?

I had the same issues with my MSI board. I just removed the jumper altogether off the IDE HDD, went into Bios and made sure that the IDE booted first and everything worked fine. I am running XP Pro

Reference old thread Installing IDE Hard Drive with Sata Hard Drive, mentions going into Bios and adjust SCSI in Advanced Settings, I couldnt find this in my W7 but went to ON Chip Serial AtA and changed from SAtA Only to Combined, then had to change the Boot order as it was trying to boot from new IDE HDD. Changed it to secondary as opposed to primary.

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